To temper the hot months in Dubai, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre is launching a new spoiling summer treatment. Lemongrass Cooling Therapy is a refreshing practice used on the legs for a cooling effect, performed with the slow beats of Brazilian bossa nova music in the background, and ending with a cold, healthy brew of lemongrass ice tea, with healing health benefits.

The treatment is the perfect antidote for those always rushed off their feet in the heat, particularly high heels aficionadas, serial shoppers, fitness enthusiasts or those who have recently taken a long haul flight.

It takes place for 45 minutes, beginning with revitalising cold leg compresses, followed by an energising leg massage using cooling aloe vera, and then the gentle placement of ice cubes to reduce swelling and leave the legs feeling lighter. Pressure points also include the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands with the gentle use of lemongrass essential oils. The treatment ends with a slow deep back massage for complete relaxation, followed by a refreshing lemongrass tea.

Lemongrass is tropical plant, often used in herbal medicine, with a strong citrus scent. Combined with the practice of the Lemongrass Cooling Therapy, it can improve wellness in many ways, for example by improving blood and lymphatic circulation, leg swelling and water retention, relieving stress, decreasing muscle toxins, releasing muscles, and relaxing aches and pains.