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Cruise 2018 with Cara Delevingne



As the neon lights of another endless New York Saturday night twinkle through the wall-to-wall glass of the studio for today’s exclusive holiday campaign shoot, Cara Delevingne is giving us an enthusiastic re-enactment of her signature dance moves. While she may be dressed like she’s just stepped out of Studio 54 in a foiled halter dress complete, you’ll never find Cara taking herself too seriously. However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t grown into a woman who can be serious when it comes to the things she’s passionate about.

With her now established career as an actress (her most recent credit was a starring role alongside Rihanna in Luc Besson’s adventure fantasy Valerian), a newly published debut novel, Mirror, Mirror, which addresses issues around teenage mental health and the many causes she’s become involved inthe party-girl image has faded into the background. Though, as she’s keen to show us on set, Cara still knows how to light up a dancefloor in her new season crystal encrusted heels. “If you put on a classic tune, I’ll probably dance to it…Actually, even if there’s no music, I’ll probably dance anyway,” she laughs. As for the perfect party outfit, the 25-year old multi-tasker is unequivocal, “I really love to dress up – and I’m not just talking about looking nice. I do like to put on a crazy outfit and be an elf or a reindeer. Or even if I just wear a nice sparkly dress with a red nose, it’s something different and quirky—it’s not just a normal party outfit. Party dressing is about glitter, sparkles and a feather boa if you’re interested.”

A fierce proponent of a more gender-neutral approach to identity, Cara has also graduated from those sparkly mini dresses to pulling off androgynous tailoring with aplomb. “Being male or female is less ‘opposite’ now than it ever has been. I don’t think mastering androgyny is necessarily about picking something that a man would wear. I think it’s about feeling comfortable whether it is masculine or feminine. If you decide to wear a suit, I don’t think that necessarily has to be a masculine thing to wear. It’s just about being comfortable with whatever you feel that day.” Photographed here in Jimmy Choo’s new dual gender, Borrowed From the Boys capsule (three styles, each available from December in both men’s and women’s sizes), you get the sense of a young women liberated from any constraints.

Indeed, escaping other people’s presumptions of what she is and what she should be doing has been a theme of Cara’s life in recent years. Embarking on a cross-creative career wasn’t something she says, that was ever a conscious decision. “I just think as a kid I grew up being creative and making things I really enjoyed. The thing about labels is that if you are an actress is doesn’t mean that YOU ARE AN ACTRESS; that you can only be an actress. I feel anyone has the right to create whatever they feel. You can have an office job, but one day like to be a painter and that’s totally fine. I think the more people have the freedom to create whatever they want, the more they will be able to express themselves and the more art and light can be brought to the world”.

Transitioning from a career focused only on modeling has, she says, alleviated a lot of pressure. “Now I feel a lot less busy because I’m finally doing all the different things I wanted to do. When I had just one job being a model, it kind of felt quite monotonous—not in a bad way—but it was just a lot more travel and a lot more stress on me,” she admits, “Being able to create more and express emotions are the most important things for me, and it now doesn’t feel that I’m that busy at all because I’m doing what I love.”

As many of her peers are going through their ‘quarter-life crisis’, conversely Cara appears to be grounded and clear-headed about her priorities. That maturity also applies to her nuanced attitude to success. “I think success is more about happiness,” she says, “You know, I don’t think that it’s the best jobs, or the most money or the most friends which make people the most successful. I think success comes from a deep-down happiness about who you are and what you are doing.” Though her hands will be full with another film, London Fields in which she stars alongside Amber Heard, set for release later this year, and two more titles slated for cinemas in 2018, she still has plenty of ambitions to fulfill. “I would love to continue writing whether it’s for a book or to make a film or a TV show and I’d love to get more behind the camera and hopefully be a director one day to give a voice to women’s stories—there are a lot of them.”

For the end of the year it will be all about Christmas back in England. Tradition is, as she describes, something which is important to her. “Usually, because my family is so big we have a ‘fake’ Christmas where we go to a place in the countryside and have our own little celebration before the day itself all together. We love a good Christmas cracker, putting the angel on top of the tree and opening the stockings on Christmas morning with all the kids.” The perfect Christmas, she says, is all about, “Friends, family, food, feast, fiesta and obviously lots of presents. Though my favourite thing about gifting,” she clarifies, “is that it actually doesn’t matter how much money you spend. I think sentimental presents are really special. I like to do a mixture of fun, crazy, whacky presents and then also give something that really means something to someone.” Full of meaning but also a touch madcap; quite the metaphor for the lady herself.

Cara wears Jimmy Coo


Henry Cavill dons his Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris at movie world premiere



The Polaris is such an attractive watch that it can fit into almost any part of my daily life. I wear it as often as possible, says Cavill, who in the past year has joined Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s friends. “I first came across Jaeger‑LeCoultre after they invited me to the Jaeger‑LeCoultre Gold Cup Polo match. I was also fortunate enough to attend the lunch beforehand at Lord and Lady Cowdray’s house, where I had the great pleasure of being taught how to swing a polo club, sadly on foot, however, not from horseback!”

In a series of recent photographs for Jaeger‑LeCoultre, shot by Damian Foxe, Henry Cavill also chose to wear the Jaeger‑LeCoultre Polaris in its Chronograph iteration. The Jaeger‑LeCoultre Polaris Collection celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic Memovox Polaris watch from 1968.

An actor who brims with classic English style and is passionate about performing his own stunts, Henry Cavill made his feature film debut in The Count of Monte Christo. He was the first non-American to step into the iconic, Superman suit. Man of Steel, a worldwide box office hit became the highest-grossing Superman film of all time and resulted in Cavill’s two further reprisals of the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Cavill captivated audiences in the Golden Globe award-nominated Showtime series The Tudors, and in Guy Ritchie’s spy drama The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Upcoming, Cavill stars in the psychological thriller Nomis opposite Sir Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci.

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Reggaeton icon Nicky Jam joins the prestigious Hublot ambassadors club



The champion of the charts partners up with the champions’ watchmaker to officially become an ambassador for the Hublot watchmaking brand.

A long-term friend of the House of Hublot—in particular, we saw him last year during the festivities organised by the watchmaking brand at the Hublot Loves Art in Miami event—Nicky Jam is now becoming its ambassador.

Real name Nick Rivera Caminero, the Latino singer born in the United States to a Puerto-Rican father and a Dominican mother is endlessly racking up hits. In 2015, the success of his song “El Perdon” easily crossed the borders of Latin America to make an impression in Europe, taking the top spot in the charts in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and France, which led him to being rewarded at the Latin Grammy’s Awards 2015 ceremony. He is back at it this year thanks to the single “X (Equis)”, whose catchy notes are already setting it up as a summer hit and whose video is very close to hitting a billion views on YouTube.

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Behind the Scenes with Cara Delevingne



Glitter, glimmer & shine. The holiday season is upon us and who better to showcase Jimmy Choo’s Cruise 2018 collection of party-ready flats, heels and totes than dancefloor expert, Cara Delevingne? Whether she’s wowing the critics in her latest movie or impressing readers with her debut novel, model, Instagram-royalty and campaigner Cara fizzes with fun and good humour. Backstage on the imposing New York city set, the 25-year starlet is full of her characteristic vim on the subject of the holiday season, “I’m very much pro Christmas jumpers – you’re definitely obliged to look stupid because you’re with your family,” she laughs.

Slipping into her favourite MAINE ankle boots ahead of a traffic-stopping scene for Australian filmmaker Lorin Askill’s Shimmer in the Dark film, she starts to reflect on the people that have inspired her multi-faceted career. “There are some people that just have an energy about them like Luc Besson or Pharell. I met Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey at the same time and that completely dumb-struck me. All of those people have really inspired me through how they’ve challenged the world.”

Musing on advice, it’s The Fresh Prince himself who has made the biggest impact, “I was actually just remembering a piece of advice that Will Smith gave me—and this applies really whatever job you do. He said you should treat yourself as though you’re a professional athlete. Look after yourself, sleep a lot and do everything that will help you do your job to the best of your abilities.”

Cara is a New York veteran having spent a substantial amount of time in Manhattan over her modelling career—but she’s not looking to relocate anywhere for good imminently. “I’m a definite traveler,” she explains, “I love to be in different places at different times of the year depending on climate, so I would find it very hard to pick one place to live. If you really pushed me, it would probably still be England, because I love it and it’s my home, but I would love to go to every country in the world. It’s such a vast and magnificent place with so many cultures to discover and understand.”

Next up backstage she’s poised on a city skyscraper rooftop waiting for glitter confetti to explode and photographer Tom Craig to capture the moment. While the wind machine revs to top speed, Cara is entirely unfazed—on-set composure is yet another of her talents. When it comes to dream film roles, she doesn’t hesitate. “I always wanted to be Martha in ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’. I’m too young for it now, but I’d love to do it at some point. Or Julie Andrews in the ‘Sound of Music’. God, I love that movie so much!” Sounds like it’s time to add yodeling to that impressive résumé.

What’s your favourite cocktail?
It depends on what kind of mood I’m in, but I do like something sparkly, maybe with some elderflower. And lots and lots of ice.

What is a song guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor?
Everybody Dance Now just popped into my head. If you put on a classic tune, I’ll probably dance to it, but what’s really guaranteed to do it is anything 90s, old school, disco or funk.

If you could have dinner with anybody who would be your dream guests?
Stephen Fry, David Attenborough and Judy Dench. And Barack Obama. God, that’s a fun dinner. I’ll send out the invites tomorrow.

What would you cook for them?
I like finger food, so a lot of appetizers—get everything in there from all corners of the Earth.

What’s your favourite New York hotspot?
I love being on the streets in New York, because the energy is so amazing. You can see so many amazing things and meet so many great people.

What is your pizza order?
It depends on what time of day it is. Sometimes I like an egg. Olives, bacon, tomato and cheese is a classic order. They do a vodka pizza here in New York which is apparently quite interesting, but I’ve never tried it. But it’s one for my list!

How many shoes do you own?
A lot. I think shoes are really important. I like to get one pair of incredible shoes and wear them to death. I’ll repair them, but wear them until the end!

What’s your tip for taking the perfect selfie?
Just have fun and don’t care too much. And have as many people in it as possible.

Cara wears Jimmy Choo

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