Slovenia as a green destination has become a perfect set for amazing glampings. What makes them so amazing and different from any other in the world is their uniqueness, architecture, design and luxury comfort combined with nature, all wraped in the story behind the resort.

In Slovenia there are few glampings that need to get a special mention:

  1. Garden Village Bled
Tree House – Garden Village Bled

A special charming ambience standing out for its extraordinary architecture with a restaurant looking like greenhouse, grass growing out of the tables and stream flowing by. Glamping, placed among top 5 glampings in the world, with tree houses,  glamping and pier tents, fishing ponds, natural pool and much more.

  1. Glamping Olimia Adria Village, Podčetrtek
Glamping Olimia Adria Village

First glamping located above the thermal springs with waterpark and one of the best wellness & spa center in Europe. An architecturally and perfectly designed resort, which impresses with magical atmosphere  full of paths and thermal water streams flowing between glamping tents.

  1. Vineyard glamping Chateau Ramšak, Maribor
3. Vineyard glamping Chateau Ramšak, Maribor

Glamping tents nestled within rolling green hillsides and exquisite vineyards. The estate boasts its own wine cellar with the largest wine press in Europe situated next to a romantic and revitalising pond.

  1. Herbal glamping – Charming Slovenia, Ljubno
Herbal glamping – Charming Slovenia, Ljubno

Hidden to uninvited eyes, the exceptional and unique architecture unites luxury and nature into a well-rounded whole. Exceptional for their herbal gardens where the concept of herbs intervene with their offer.

Selection made by Maja Dimnik, Founder and CEO of World of Glamping