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Starting up your own restaurant within a budget



A business that you own is a dream of many individuals, but very few actually work hard to accomplish it. The initial struggle involved in the start of any venture is exhausting and when that business is of running a restaurant, it becomes all the more challenging. Any good eatery has to maintain food quality, customer relations, the ambiance and its staff. It’s not an easy job to be par with everything at once. It requires relentless effort from the owner as well as the staff. To look for inspiration you can look at the best restaurants in your city to get a clearer picture of how good restaurants work.

Anyone expecting to open up a new restaurant as their first entrepreneurial adventure must be aware of a few things that will help them in their journey. The basic foundation of a business has to be their budget for the project, and a restaurant start-up is no exception. To map out all the possibilities, your money matters have to be set in place, this will then be your guide to further advancements in the planning of your project. To help you stay within budget, here are a few tips that will let you run the restaurant that you had once dreamt of opening.

Restaurant Equipment:

Any restaurant hoping to provide its chefs with the best tools would want to buy the best utensils. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. A restaurant’s chef needs are defined by the cuisine it serves. When you have decided on the menu of your restaurant, or the certain types of foods you will be serving there, only then you should choose your equipment. There are a variety of stoves and grills that serve different purposes. If grilled food is not a part of your menu, then don’t opt for a stove with a grill or an oven which you are suspecting your chefs may never use. In order to better understand these choices, consult a chef or someone with sufficient knowledge in cooking food.

Another option available to you is to look for second-hand equipment. Second-hand stuff is relatively cheap and could be bought off from a lot of places. It could be online, or a restaurant that has gone out of business. If the condition of the tools seems good enough to serve the intended purpose without any hindrance, then it is surely a good investment.


An ambiance is a strong point of any restaurant catering to anyone who is looking for something more than just good food. It adds an experience to the diner and has the potential to create a loyal customer. But seeing that you have a budget, you should introduce things to the room little by little. If you really want to decide between the two decorations, then make the decision based on your needs over your wants. It is important that you have a fancy light on the ceiling more than beautiful wallpaper or a plush leather seat. Use tactics on the design of your dining area more than money to make the place look tasteful and interesting.


If you are opening a restaurant that is aiming to produce Haute cuisines, then you may as well put that idea to rest, unless you have the proper resources or a good loan plan. As your student loan payments may have taught you that the loans are not easy to pay, so keep the initial investments lower. Your Food expense is something that you will have to go through daily. Groceries and meat prices can fluctuate, which may work to your advantage or disadvantage accordingly, but the percentage of the profit and loss doesn’t vary significantly here. But if you are serving food items that are costly, then it will definitely affect your monthly budget. Don’t directly choose delicacies which will cost you more than most of your groceries combined. Introduce items that are expensive in the menu later and go for dishes that cost less to prepare in the starting few months of your eatery.

Marketing Strategy:

It is a good strategy to make your presence known before you start operations. But one must remember to not go overboard with these promotional tactics. A planned marketing will direct the right type of customers to you. It is always better to use social media to your advantage rather than any other medium to promote your restaurant. It costs less and is more effective than any other medium in existence. With its variety of options to find and serve to your desired niche, you will be able to set a customer base and advertise to them within a short while.
Avoiding any of these can have a bad response to your efforts. Therefore to follow a plan is the best way to have a successful running business. Each part of the tactics is correlated with each other and is set to provide you with the best outcome in a minimal budget. Remember, a good strategy will help you reach the top, not over spending.

Sherley Alaba is an eagle-eyed wordsmith; a writer and translator, always interested in ways which can help individuals (especially youth and women) reach their full creative potential. Her focus has been on writing, producing and editing stories on business, finance, interesting personalities, entrepreneurs, culture, the environment, gastronomy, lifestyle, and social issues.

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Bars & Restaurants

These 7 Rooftop Bars Will Elevate Your Mood, No Matter the Season




Just because summer is ending soon (womp womp) doesn’t mean you need to settle for the indoors when seeking to unwind after the workday or on the weekends. Don’t underestimate the power of a breezy, open-air rooftop in an idyllic location or an indoor urban rooftop with 360-degree cityscape views to raise your spirits, regardless of the temperature outside.

Rooftop bars are popping up in more and more places and offering something for everyone: picturesque skyline views, tasty snacks and sips, and an ideal atmosphere for lounging or mingling with friends, family or colleagues.

The design of these elevated spaces, many of them atop hotels, is also evolving in ways that are allowing guests to enjoy them later into the night and regardless how hot or cold it is outside.

“At Hilton, we’ve built extreme flexibility into rooftop bar designs to be even more creative and competitive,” said Jonathan Wilson, Vice President, Customer Experience & Innovation, Food & Beverage, Wellness for Hilton, which has about 70 rooftop bars around the world from the U.S. to Asia. Through the company’s Wander program, which he leads, Hilton  encourages its hotel owners to incorporate unique concepts into new and pre-existing spaces, and offers them tools and resources to envision and plan flexible designs.

So whether you fancy a perfectly chilled craft beer on a hot day, a fresh fruity cocktail, mocktail, or glass of bubbly on a warm evening, or a steamy hot toddy in cooler weather, there’s a rooftop bar out there for everyone. Check out the following rooftop bars at Hilton properties around the world to find one (or more) that’s the perfect fit for you:

Monkey Board, The Troubadour Hotel New Orleans, Tapestry Collection by Hilton (New Orleans, LA)

In NOLA’s blossoming Central Business District near the Mississippi River, The Troubadour’s rooftop bar, Monkey Board, offers panoramic skyline views across the Crescent City. This rooftop eatery delivers a selection of creative dishes and cocktails, epitomizing the city’s appreciation for after-work fun. Expect a lively atmosphere, live DJs and local flavors –all just a quick stroll from the French Quarter, making this the ideal locale for guests looking to fall in love with the spirit of New Orleans. As the locals say, laissez les bon temps rouler!

LH Rooftop, LondonHouse Chicago, Curio Collection by Hilton (Chicago, Illinois)

This hotel features the tri-level LH Rooftop, which boasts stunning views of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and the Magnificent Mile along with rare finds on each level of the bar. Floor 21 offers re-imagined American fare and cocktails indoors, floor 22 offers small bites and classic cocktails on its outdoor terrace, and floor 23 is an exclusive Cupola available to reserve for a unique private event or one-of-a-kind proposal.

Agasi 7 Rooftop Bar, Hilton Garden Inn Little Rock Downtown (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Agāsi 7 Rooftop Bar + Kitchen offers an expansive menu of locally-inspired handcrafted cocktails and small plates for guests to enjoy as they overlook downtown Little Rock. Featuring an open kitchen design and the perfect combination of bar, pub and lounge seating throughout, this rooftop has become a hot spot for state capital locals and visitors alike.

Waterproof Bar, The Statler Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton (Dallas, Texas)

Perched on the 19th floor of the historic Statler Hotel, Waterproof bar boasts stunning and panoramic views of surrounding downtown Dallas and beyond. The indoor/outdoor space is a sunny urban oasis for guests to take a dip in the pool, sip a refreshing craft cocktail, enjoy lunch and watch the sunset. As the moon rises over the city, swimsuits are exchanged for cocktail attire, the doors are open to the public and the fun continues.

Savage Garden, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London (London, England)

Savage Garden is a dramatic destination rooftop bar located on the 12th floor of DoubleTree by Hilton London – Tower of London. This all-day bar and cocktail lounge offers stunning 360-degree views that take in some of the U.K. capital’s most iconic landmarks. Savage Garden’s retractable roof offers both indoor and outdoor options to allow the bar to be enjoyed all year long with captivating cocktails and an innovative all-day food menu.

Sky Blue Pool Terrace & Rooftop Restaurant Sky Blu, Aleph Rome Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton (Rome, Italy)

Rooftop Restaurant Sky Blu and Sky Blu Pool Terrace at Aleph Rome Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton offer authentic and contemporary Roman cuisine and the highest quality and service in a traditional and classy environment. Enjoy dining on an external patio during spring and summer months and a special holiday atmosphere during the winter season.

Horizon Restaurant & Bar, Hilton Pattaya (Pattaya Chonburi, Thailand)
Experience the next level of style, taste and exclusivity at Horizon Restaurant & Bar in Hilton Pattaya Hotel. Chill out to the DJ beats as you sip on signature cocktails and admire magnificent views of Pattaya Bay. Set on the rooftop of the 34th floor, this stylish Pattaya restaurant offers a unique setting to savor delicious cuisine and party with friends.

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Bars & Restaurants

Viaggio: The Cocktail Series with Benjamin Padrón Novoa and Jose Luis de Leon




Viaggio: The Cocktail Series is back with not one, but two award-winning bartenders to join Valentino Longo, Jacopo Rosito and the rest of the Le Sireneuse Champagne Bar team in providing a unique mixology experience for guests at Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club.

The next event will take place this coming Monday, July 23, 2018 with Benjamin Padrón Novoa and Jose Luis de Leon. Hailing from Mexico City, Benjamin and Jose are two of the masterminds at work in one of the World’s 50 Best Bars, Licorería Limantour. The establishment and all of its staff keep one foot firmly rooted in old-school traditions, while beautifully blending them with present-day trends.

Join them on July 23 starting at 7:00 pm at Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar to witness some of the world’s most respected bartenders, for one night only, as they bring a little piece of Mexico City to Surfside.

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Bars & Restaurants

Brand New Heritage Afternoon Tea




This summer, Rotunda at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square unveils its new Heritage Afternoon Tea, based on the iconic building’s history. As the headquarters of the Port of London Authority, Ten Trinity Square was once at the heart of global trade and the gateway for the tea routes to enter London. Rotunda’s Heritage Afternoon Tea will celebrate the building’s past and the connections between east and west.

Mapping those historic trading routes, Rotunda’s Afternoon Tea will include brews from the foothills of the Himalayas with the finest darjeeling from Makaibari to Earl Greys from Satemwa Estate in the highlands of Malawi. A selection of Chinese teas will include a rare oolong from Anxi and white jasmine and peony teas from the coastal Fujian province, which embarked on the journey to London via the East China Sea. Closer to home, herbal teas grown in Cornwall will balance the international offering, while Champagnes will include Delamotte Brut, Charles Heidsieck and AR Lenoble Rosé available by the glass.

The handcrafted bone china tea service, designed by prominent British designer Richard Brendon, reflects the neoclassical architecture of the building. The intricate design denotes the routes travelled by the globetrotting tea merchants with a nautical compass and a detailed map of the shipping routes from China to Britain. Laden with traditional finger sandwiches created by Rotunda’s new Executive Chef David Greenhill, the tea stands will celebrate British classics including egg mayonnaise with truffle oil; coronation chicken, and the classic minted cucumber. Alongside the sandwiches there will be seasonal pastries such as strawberry and sansho, apricot and verbena in an almond sponge, and passion fruit ganache atop chocolate sablé and chocolate mousse – not forgetting the essential homemade scones with seasonal jams and Devonshire clotted cream.

“Afternoon tea is such a staple of British culture, so we wanted to honour that with a traditional menu, but one that reflects the heritage of our home. We’re incredibly fortunate to be housed within such an impressive and inspiring building as Ten Trinity Square and we’ve drawn heavily on the building’s trade links to highlight age-old tea routes that still fuel Britain’s love of afternoon tea today,” says Executive Chef David Greenhill.

Rotunda’s new Heritage Afternoon Tea is available all week between 2:00 and 5:00 pm.

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