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5 Most famous Drag Queens from this decade



Who doesn’t love to dress up and have a little fun with their makeup, hair, and dresses? The whole point of buying new clothes, accessories, and cosmetics is that you play around with color combinations, styles and come out looking like a totally different person. Women love to do it, so why should men miss out on the fun. As long as you manage to look great and have a good time, there is no way that one would want to quit being a drag queen.

Being a drag queen has been a form of representation of one’s lifestyle and how they perceive life. Any drag queen strives to have a larger than life lifestyle, look colorful just like their personalities and have a very entertaining and joyful time while they are doing it. Hence the extravagant get up of these girls are explained. To maintain this facade, it is important to uphold a healthy lifestyle and have a more feminine body. Some go to lengths to look more feminine using butt enhancers and waist trainers. On the other hand, some people embrace their bodies and beauty with full confidence, however only a few stand the test of time. These people have gained fame and have made a place in the viewer’s hearts. Here are 5 drag queens since 2007 who have shot to fame, whom we will love and remember in many years to come.

5) Lady Bunny:

If we are talking about drag queens and Lady Bunny is not in the description, then it is perhaps an insult to the art itself. She is perhaps the most widely known person who gained recognition through her many low budget films but got to new heights of popularity by parodying famous songs of American singers such as Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry. Although most of her parodies are sexually explicit in words, but provide a fun element which is enticing for any listeners. She is also very flamboyant in her wig styles and wears wigs with a huge volume.

4) Nina Flowers:

Nina Flowers, as the name suggests, is a very delicate looking lady and particularly loves flowers while dressing up. She is Puerto Rican and is known for being very colorful. She was part of the reality TV RuPaul’s Drag race from where she shot to fame. She is a DJ, an activist, and even a makeup artist. You can’t just get any cooler than that. Her love for flowers is not only represented in her name, but she has tattoos of flowers on her body and when she goes through a stunning transformation from a man to a woman, she is seen wearing eccentric yet stunning creations of wigs that embody flowers in their designs. She is undoubtedly a very ravishing and famous queen.

3) Courtney Act:

Courtney Act has perhaps gone where only one dreams to go; performing on stage at the AMAs with none other than Miley Cyrus. Before that ever happened, she was seen on the first season of Australian Idol where she nearly made it to the finals but was eliminated in the semifinal round. Later, we saw her RuPaul’s Drag Race as well. She is not as loud in her styling choices as her counterparts in this list, but she can certainly rock anything, from a little black dress to a stunning designer gown.

2) Raja:

Raja is perhaps the person who chose to do what he loves and not only implemented on himself but also got a chance to do it on others. He became the official makeup artist for the reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model” and has been the makeup artist since season four to its 12th season. He was also on Season 3 of Rupaul’s Drag Race and won that season. He is now a makeup artist for Adam Lambert and is soaring to new heights in fame ever since.

1) RuPaul:

RuPaul is someone who has reached immense success that surely no ever drag queen in history has ever received. She makes it so easy to look hot and beautiful and puts women and queens half her age to shame with her fitness, clothes, and accessories. She made her way to the TV industry with her single “Supermodel (you Better Work it). Since then she shot to fame and became an ambassador to MAC cosmetics, the first of her kind to ever do that. Furthermore, she went on to have her own show known as RuPaul’s drag races for people with similar taste in dressing up. She is also a humanitarian and an activist and has worked with LGBTQ community for various movements.
There are multiple drag queens that may be beautiful, sexy and bold, but these ones certainly make the cut for being the most recognized in people. They are truly gifted people with a passion for their profession. They stood for what they thought was right for them and give a lesson of fearlessness and comfort in one’s own body.

Sherley Alaba is an eagle-eyed wordsmith; a writer and translator, always interested in ways which can help individuals (especially youth and women) reach their full creative potential. Her focus has been on writing, producing and editing stories on business, finance, interesting personalities, entrepreneurs, culture, the environment, gastronomy, lifestyle, and social issues.

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The Exclusive Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka



It has long been believed that diamond is truly a girl’s best friend, which is why every girl dreams of being proposed for marriage with as big a rock as possible. Not just engagement rings, but any piece of jewelry, accessory or clothing item that has diamonds in it, is made special for a girl and can add charm to that piece. Despite the prices of diamonds being really high, designers are coming up with clothes, bags and other accessories that have diamonds encrusted in them. It is obvious that it is a luxury item which is not for any ordinary person to afford, but we can all marvel at its beauty while we look at it.

One such fine piece of accessory is a bag by Hermes which was designed by Ginza Tanaka. Although Hermes bags are fairly high priced even for women with large paychecks, but this exquisite bag is one that will leave a big hole in even the most exclusive of shoppers. Hermes usually works with leather handbags, with skins from different animals, which make all their bags high-class and a status symbol among the wealthy. There are few bags in the world that are so expensive that they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Hermes has even surpassed that price point and has recently unveiled a handbag worth $1.9 million.

The price is really high because the material used in the making of this bag is very rare. The structure of the bag is made up of platinum, which is one of the most expensive metals on Earth. Not only is the metal very rare, but it’s also very difficult to work with. This certain feature makes the bag even more special and exquisite. It has been regarded as a masterpiece due to its design and the material.

Despite its size which is no more than your palm, it is loaded with real diamonds which have been placed with careful precision. The bag carries a total of 2000 diamonds which equals to 167 carats. The bling that has been provided by these diamonds to this small clutch is enough to put glamor even in the simplest of party dresses that you may wear carrying this purse. The bag is accompanied with a diamond shoulder strap which is removable and long enough to be used as a necklace.

The other special thing about this bag is that its main star, a pear-shaped diamond in the front, can also be detached and used as a brooch to adorn your dress. Both these features make the bag very special and a very elite product. There have been no other bags like this from any other designers which adds to the value of the clutch.
Although there are many bags out there for women to perfectly carry all their stuff but this surely is something very special. Hermes certainly has surpassed itself in the world of luxury bags and has given women an item to fancy and dream about. Not only is it an accessory, but also a jewelry item which is an innovation in itself.

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